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Our Values

DPS has a set of very simple guiding principles that we always seek to deliver against and be held account it. We want to embody these values in all our relationships, be that with customers, each other, suppliers or someone knocking on the factory door.

Fairness cannot easily be measured but most people have a strong understanding of what’s it’s like to be treated and to treat others fairly. We think it’s important to be fair, always.

Who doesn’t want to work with people who are friendly? We think you can be really efficient and really friendly at the same time. It’s why we enjoy a great relationship with our customers, suppliers and each other.

We want to inspire our customers and each other with creativity and delivery. Whether this is innovating which makes a process a few seconds faster, or whether it’s creating the next ‘big idea’ for our customers. Innovation comes in many levels and we embrace them all.

Reliability is a fundamentally import part of our business. We would be nowhere without customers being able to rely on us to deliver, suppliers being able to rely on us to pay for a good job and us being able to rely on each other.

We employ people who are motivated to make a difference and we support them to do that. We are lucky that we work with great clients, with great colleagues and great suppliers. This always help us to stay motivated!

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